Sleep.  It's one of life's most basic functions and necessities.  It's also something that most people take for granted.  However, sleep disorders such as central or obstructive apnea are more prevalent than one might think, especially in children.  A diagnosis of a sleep apnea can be surprising and frustrating especially if your child is already dealing with other health issues.  Thankfully, sleep apnea is treatable.  

Sweet Dreamers is a collaborative effort between Family Connection of South Carolina and the Greenville Health System Children's Hospital Center for Pediatric Sleep Medicine.  It was developed in order to provide support for parents and caregivers of children recently diagnosed with a sleep disorder and especially for those  to whom CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) or BiPap (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) Therapy has been prescribed.

CPAP and BiLevel therapy are remarkably effective treatments for a variety of breathing and airway issues. However, the very nature of these therapies can present unique challenges that can frustrate children and families alike.  In addition to the expertise of your medical team, other families who are in the process of helping their children learn to use these therapies or who have already successfully mastered their use can offer invaluable encouragement, suggestions and support to make the implementation of these therapies easier and ultimately successful.


What Sweet Dreamers offers:

  • Parent-to-Parent Connections
  • Patient-to-Patient Mentor Program for Teenagers
  • Customized Social Stories for your toddler or younger child
  • CPAP Teddy Bears
  • Facebook Group Support